SvenPad® Minis Pair (Black Covers)

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Produs in USA! Coperti din piele, practic si rezistent !

O adevarata arma a mentalistilor !

Devastator !

Original !

Acum la un pret decent !

The SvenPad® Minis seamana cu un carnet comun pe care il poti cumpara dintr-o librarie , numai ca este fabricat special ca tu sa poti face adevarate minuni.

Materialul din care este facut este  rezistent la uzura iar designul il face sa para un carnet “nevinovat”.

Puteti face orice predictii !

Oricand !

Te asiguram ca este cel mai bun produs de pe piata !

Fiecare pachet este compus din 2 carnete si vine impreuna cu in structiuni oferite de mentalistul profesionist Bob Cassidy.

  • La  Magic Cafe  a fost declarant trucul anului in  2015
  • Ce spun profesionistii :

“The gimmicking of the SvenPads® is perfect and completely undetectable. In short, you are able to force ANYTHING, instantly and with the pad in the spectator’s hands. As I am sure you know, I much prefer classic methods and secrets for my routines. They are proven over time, cannot go wrong and are totally baffling if performed correctly. I cannot think of another prop that fits that bill as perfectly and is so versatile. It works flawlessly, fits into your pocket and can create as big an effect as your imagination is capable of developing.” 
– Richard Osterlind 

“One of the most versatile and well-made utility devices I have ever used. Highly recommended. I can attest that these pads are the best I’ve ever seen. To those who claim they can make them themselves — OF COURSE you can. But you’d have a hard time achieving the perfection that Brett’s SvenPads® offer. And you certainly wouldn’t have the benefit of the performance material that comes with them. These have my highest recommendation.” 
– Bob Cassidy 

“I got it today and it’s going into my act tomorrow morning. The SvenPads® are very very good!” 
– Lior Manor 

“Absolutely love SvenPads®! Gotta give a shout out to Brett for his top-notch customer service and saving me a ton of time as I used to make these by hand. Utility item with endless possibilities and one of the cleanest forces possible.” 
– Oz Pearlman 

“The SvenPad® is a marvel. As complicated and sublime as anything you own. Every mentalist should applaud its availability but leave it to just a few to perform. Seriously, don’t leave to a show without it. It is as individual as you.” 
– Marc Salem 

“I am currently entering into my 5th season of a weekly theater show to which I perform four shows per week and have the ability to test out new material every now and then and I have to tell you, as a worker, the SvenPad® is real. It doesn’t just do the job, it destroys. I can’t speak highly enough of this. It’s perfect in every way. TOTAL GAME CHANGER! It’s a firm part of my show now and I hope you don’t sell too many… it’s too good!!! Absolutely ridiculous!… btw… I’m ordering more!” 
– Bobby Motta 

“I just got my SvenPads® today. I must say the workmanship is unbelievable. My mind is now thinking of the various ways to use this. Highly recommended.” 
– Devin Knight 

“For many years I’ve been helping develop original routines for our mentalism students here at Mystery School. Now thanks to Brett’s SvenPads® we have a very practical addition to our tool kit! I’ve used this principle in past performances, but the new SvenPads® are the best I’ve ever seen. They are a joy to work with.” 
– Jeff McBride


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