The Transparency Template by Jonathan Royle

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Curs complet , revolutionar pentru cei ce vor sa hipmotizeze sau sa se perfectioneze in acest domeniu sau sa introduca hipnoza  in spectacole de divertisment, magie, mentalism.

In acest sens vei invata aplicatii uimitoare ale celebrilor hipnotizatori Dr. Jonathan Royle, Robert Temple, Chris Lee, Nick Davies și Stuart Cassels.

Este un curs complet , excelent  prezentat care te va  invata  pas cu pas cum sa procedezi pentru a obtine rezultatetele dorite.


Dr. Jonathan Royle și invitatul său special – Robert Temple, Chris Lee, Stuart Cassels & Nick Davies – iti vor impartasi secretele lor care ia facut celebri.

Veti putea include cu succes toate aplicatiile in spectacolele dvs , adaugand astfel un plus de magie in fata spectatorilor.

Mai mult , veti invata anumite tehnici care va vor permite sa uimiti publicul si sa va creati o imagine speciala.

.Detaliile le aveti in limba engleza:

Learn 33 rapid, Instant Inductions, 12 Suggestibility Tests and everything that you’ll ever need to know in order to be able to perform Legally, Lawfully, Ethically, & Safely, anywhere in the world, in a manner where you are fully Licensed and Insured.

This unrivalled 5 Disk DVD package contains over 16 hours of Video and over 8 hours of Intensive Audio Training, along with numerous books, manuals and courses to ensure that you need never spend another penny on Hypnosis Training Materials ever again!

BONUS TRAINING: You will also find within the final disk, private online access to Almost 60 Hours of Additional Bonus Training videos which not only go into great depth about elements such as Advertising, Publicity, Marketing & Promotion of your Shows, but also teach numerous other, until now jealously guarded Secrets of the Stage & Street Hypnotists.


  • 33 Rapid & Instant Hypnotic Inductions.
  • 16 Powerful Suggestibility Tests.
  • Numerous Trance Deepening Approaches.
  • The Correct Way to Awaken People From Trance.
  • Constructing the Perfect Pre-Talk.
  • The True Dangers of Stage & Street Hypnosis and How to Avoid Them.
  • Using Props and Music to Maximum Effect in Your Hypnosis Shows.
  • The Way Hypnotists Sometimes Use Dual Reality Principles.
  • How to Combine Hypnosis Skills with Your Magic & Mentalism.
  • How to perform a Complete 90 minute Show of apparent Hypnosis, using Hypno-Tricks, without ever needing to Hypnotise anybody – essential knowledge when nobody volunteers to be hypnotised.
  • Complete step by step Scripts and Routine Structures for both Family and Adult Style Performances to get you started immediately.
  • Witness Several Live Show Performances by both Jonathan Royle and Robert Temple and see everything that you have learnt in action and brought to life on real stages for real audiences.
  • Perhaps most importantly you’ll discover the dozens of things that can (and at some point will) go wrong during a Hypnosis Performance and then you are taught numerous ways to overcome and conquer these issues in the Safest and Most Entertaining manners possible.
  • Proven Ways to Earn Additional Income helping people to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Gain Confidence and Eliminate Phobias from their Life’s!
  • Health & Safety, Risk Assessments, Hypnosis Licensing, Laws Around the World & Insurance all Explained Comprehensively.
  • The use of Professional Sound and Stage Lighting Strategies to maximise the response from your show and increase demand for it.
  • Professional Stage Craft Secrets worth their weight in Gold to any performer, revealing how to get greater audience reactions, more applause and regular standing ovations.
  • In Short you will be taught quite literally everything and we do mean everything that is needed to take even the complete Novice to Advanced Professional Standard with ease, and even the established Professional will learn many new Secrets, Ploys, Techniques and Strategies that will Massively increase their success as a Hypnotist.


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