4″ Linking Rings (Chrome) by TCC

88,00 lei



Cu un diametru de 10 cm si o greutate de  aproximativ 48.1g/inel, acest set de inele este ideal pentru rutinele close-up.

Gimmickul este lucrat cu grija, astfel incat sa va lase libertatea de miscare.

Setul de inele este din otel cromat de cea mai buna calitate.

Sunt ambalate intr-un saculet elegant de catifea si contin instructiuni video.

Descrierea producatorului:

Close-up version of the Chinese Linking Rings, with super attention to detail!

The Chinese Linking Rings is one of the most popular and classic magic tricks in the world. There are many wonderful magicians who have produced and developed the sets, moves and routines. They have shown genius abilities in their contributions and dedication to this marvelous effect.

We hope we have created additional value, just like those amazing magicians and craftsmen who’ve come before us. We have tried our utmost so that more magicians can buy the best, basic products at a reasonable price.

Being Chinese, we are especially proud of producing these high-performance close-up ring sets – this is truly heartfelt.

  • Four rings are included in each set
  • OD about 10.5cm
  • Each individual ring weighs approximately 48.1g
  • The key ring has been treated specially for the MOUTH
  • A black soft bag is included – weighs approximately 11.5g
  • A basic video guide is included


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