Black Water Clear Water

129,00 lei



Produs pentru trucul Sands of Desert sau pentru efecte teatrale si cinematografice.

Nu va fi utilizat de minori!

Se va utiliza si se va pastra conform instructiunilor care insotesc produsul.


Descrierea producatorului:

WARNING! MUST BE AT LEAST 18 TO ORDER! This product includes chemicals and as such take notice of all warnings on the out side of package.

HANDS FREE Black Water Clear Water! Magically turn clear water black with a swirl of your sharpie marker, then erase the water clear again all with the same marker! It’s amazing! It’s visual! It’s a real-life special effect!

The Black Water Clear Water Chemical Dispenser makes Sands of the Desert easier than ever! Now you can do all the “dirty work” with a self-contained delivery system, cleverly disguised as a Sharpie Permanent Marker PLUS you have a whole new world of patter possibilities!

  • Includes the chemicals ready to go!
  • Works with Sands or is amazing by itself!
  • Black Water Clear Water just a wave of the pen!

The Black Water Clear Water Chemical Dispenser is a Sharpie Marker retrofit that holds the two included chemicals required to turn water a dark creepy black and then clear again during performance of tricks such


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