Phantom Tube (Hinged) by 7 MAGIC

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Prezentati un tub gol. Faceti pasa magica pe care o preferati si scoateti din tub esarfe, flori spring, bani, etc..

Simplu si usor de facut!

Impact vizual!

Contine tubul special si instructiuni.

Tubul este din metal nichelat.

Folositi esarfele dvs sau le puteti achizitiona separat.

Descrierea producatorului:

The magician shows the audience a metal tube. He opens the tube and shows that there is nothing inside. Magically, he produces one item after another, such as silk scarves, spring flowers, long streamers, and more. All from a tube that is shown to be empty throughout the routing! Looks amazing! You’ll be able to produce several loads.

Although this looks impossible, it’s actually a really easy magic trick for anyone to perform!




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