The Zenith Deck (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Manoj Kaushal

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Mai genial de atat nu se poate!

Spectatorul amesteca un pachet de carti.

Spectatorul alege o carte. Orice carte. Nu fortati nimic.

Exact cartea aleasa de spectator este scrisa pe cutia pachetului de carti.

I would like to you a story.

In this story, you spread the cards and ask your audience to name any card.

No force.

You isolate their selection and put away rest of the cards.

You turn the tuck case around to show them the brand name of the playing cards.

Printed on the tuck case is the name of their selection.

This is a true story.

Having the power to print the name of the spectator’s selected card on the tuck, is unheard of.

Zenith Deck is not just a new gimmick deck but a brand new disruptor in magic fraternity.

  • No forcing
  • Easy to perform
  • Resets immediately
  • Custom playing cards


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