Spider Pen X

469,00 lei



Cunoscutul creator Yigal Mesika vine  cu noul pix pentru levitatii Spider Pen X .

Imbunatatit fata de prima varianta, iti va da noi satisfactii si te va ajuta sa duci magia cu levitatii spre un nou nivel.

Iata ce spune producatorul:

The most practical, highest-performing motorized reel ever created!. As the leading pioneer in levitation technology, nobody knows this field better than the motorized reel maestro himself: Yigal Mesika. Imagine yourself performing jaw-dropping, eye-popping levitations and drawing gasps of astonishment from your audiences. Redesigned and engineered from the ground up to be the most practical, reliable motorized reel on the planet, Spider Pen X is the final masterpiece in Mesika’s legendary Spider Pen series.

“It’s hard to imagine so much efficient ingenuity in such a small space.
Mesika’s Spider Pen X is absolute perfection. And it produces absolute
– Jim Steinmeyer

“Your handlings on The Floating Bill are the best I’ve seen – they look like real live Hollywood special effects!”
– John Kennedy


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